# Lyrics of Singles
Shantell, Wallpaper Dying, Secret Sea, There Were No Bounds, A Room Lives In Lucy,There
Was A Man of Double Deed, Scarlet Arch, The Critical Distance, Scythe & Spade, The Renegade,
Shaletown, The House of The Heart, Anchor Yard, Lady D'Arbanville, The Street Organ, Misfortunes
The Great Alone


# 'And Also The Trees' (translated lyrics<Japanese>are linked in Article page.)
So This Is Silence, Talk Without Words, Midnight Garden, The Tease The Tear, Impulse of
Man, Shrine, Twilight Pool, Out of Moving life of Circles

# ' Virus Meadows'
Slow Pulse Boy, Maps In Her Arms And Wrists,Vincent Craine, Jack, The HeadlessClay
Woman, Gone....Like Swallows, Virus Meadow

# ' Millpond Years'
The Suffering of the Stream, Simple Tom And The Ghost of Jenny Bailey, The House of
Heart, This Ship In Trouble, Count Jefferey, Shaletown, The Sandstone Man, The Millpond Years

# ' Farewell To The Shade' (translated lyrics<Japanese>are linked in Article page.)
Prince Rupert, Macbeth's Head, Belief In The Rose, The Street Organ, Lady D'Arbanville,
Misfortunes, The Pear Tree, Ill Omen, The Horse Fair, Anchor Yard

# ' Green Is The Sea'
Red Valentino, The Fruit Room, Men of Absolute, Blind Opera, The Dust Sailor, The
Woodcutter, The River of Flame, Mermen of the Lea, Jacob Fleet

# 'Klaxon'
Sickness Divine, The Soul Driver, Sunrise, Dialogue, Wooden Leg, The Dutchman, The

#' Angelfish'
Brother Fear, Fighting In A Lighthouse, Paradiso, 6th Floor Elevator Blues, Termaine, Sea
Change, Roulette, The Lights of Phoenix, Missing

# 'Silver Soul'
Nailed, Blue Runner, Rose-Marie's Leaving, The Cyclone, Get Critical, Before The Power
Goes Down, The Obvious, Jewel Park, Highway 4287

# 'Further From The Truth'
21 York Street, He Walked Through The Dew, The Man Who Ran Away, In My House,
Genevieve, Pale Sun, The Reply, The Willow, Feeling Fine, The Untangled Man

#'(Listen for) The Rag and Bone Man'
Domed, The Beautiful Silence, Rive Droite, Mary of The Woods, The Way The Land Lies,
A Man With A Drum, Under The Stars

# 'When The Rains Come'
Virus Meadow, Dialogue, Fighting In A Lighthouse, Mary of the Woods, Jacob Street, Candace
Mermen of the Lea, The Dust Sailor, The Street Organ, Vincent Craine, Stay Away From The
Accordion Girl, There Was A Man of Double Deed, A Room Lives Lucy, When The Rains Come

# 'Driftwood'
The Suffering of the Stream, Macbeth's Head, Belief In The Rose, Wallpaper Dying, The Cyclone,
The Way The Land Lies, The Secret Sea, The Untangled Man

#'Hunter not the hunted'
Only, Hunter not the hunted, Burn down this town, Bloodline, My face is here in the wild fire,
Black handled knife, The woman on the estary, What's lost finds, The knave, Whisky bride
Rip ridge, Angel, devil, man and beast, The floating man

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And Also The Trees-Lyrics
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